A location update — I’ve posted some footage of the walk from Hafford’s Corner saloon, in real time, to the site of the gunfight – intercut with footage of a similar walk through the Old Tucson set. After these street exteriors, our biggest challenge, art-wise, is going be the interior of Hafford’s. Col. Hafford wasn’t just a saloon keeper, he was an ornithologist. And the walls of his bar were decorated with numerous paintings he had done, featuring the birds of the Arizona Territory. Here’s the interior of his saloon:


So the afternoon of the gunfight, Ike Clanton comes in drunk, insisting he has a date with the Earps and they are late, and Col. Hafford tells him to go home; then Wyatt Earp goes in and buys a cigar, in a fury; then Johnny Behan invites Virgil to step into the saloon for a drink and rest his shotgun. At 2.30 the Earps and Holliday are gathered at the bar. All this happened under the gaze of Hafford’s intense, imaginary aviary… For some reason none of the films has gone this route – did it seem too strange?

The new video footage is here; and you can contribute to the Indiegogo campaign here.