This is a site devoted to my current production activities. I’m the director of REPO MAN, WALKER, EL PATRULLERO, 3 BUSINESSMEN and other films. When I taught in the Film Studies Program at CU Boulder I made a crowdfunded feature version of Harry Harrison’s science fiction novel, BILL THE GALACTIC HERO, crewed and acted entirely by students and recent graduates. (If you would like to see a trailer for the film and hear the theme music by Iggy Pop and the Intergalactic Troll, they are here).

The site contains information about BILL and my earlier films, and news of my most recent project, TOMBSTONE RASHOMON.

It also contains an intermittent blog, which also deals with new projects, a book about THE PRISONER, a story about Billy the Kid, a Repo Man sequel, and how our species seems to be marching headlong into nuclear war. That series starts here. There are also pieces about the paintings of Bruegel, here and here, and a long comparison of two Triumphs of Death.