I’m pleased to report that my good friend Merritt Crocker has posted his film MOON STUDIOS online. I had the pleasure of playing a small role in it, along with some fine actors – Shayne Hearndon, Usama Alshaibi, and others – and I think it turned out pretty darn good. The black and white aesthetic reminds me of certain influential independent features from the early 1980s, but there’s no easy way to describe it, or its peculiar interest in EGGS…

You can watch MOON STUDIOS here.

And, if you so desire, you can download music from the picture here and here.

There’s also a facebook page, so if your viewing of MOON STUDIES becomes an obsessive quest for further information, a search for meaning, or at very least a ladder to the rooftop conservatory, you can try here to attempt to make sense of it all…

To Moon Studios Avaunt!