In an attempt to raise the fortunes of BILL, THE GALACTIC HERO’s Kickstarter, Tod and I drove out to Fort Morgan, Colorado, today, to visit the grave of Philip K. Dick. Fort Morgan is a somewhat depressing town out in the flatlands, about an hour and a half from Boulder. But the graveyard is a handsome one, and the Dicks’ family plot fits perfectly.

You may already know the story – how Dick’s future parents were driving West in late 1928 when Mrs. Dick went into labour and gave birth to twins. The family stayed in Fort MorganĀ for several weeks, but the baby girl, Jane, was sickly and, after five weeks, she died. They buried her there and continued on to California. The surviving twin, Phil, became a noted science fiction writer, a man of many literary obsessions, one of which was the indellible absence of his sister. When he died, he was buried in Fort Morgan, beside Jane.

Dicks_Grave So out we went and lit a candle to the author of such great books as A Scanner Darkly and The Man In The High Castle, and said a prayer to the goddesses of film and science fiction in the hope that our Kickstarter will succeed, and that the SyFy channel movie of The Man In The High Castle will be a decent film.