One of the greatest assets of the CU Boulder film program is its International Film Series, curated by Pablo Kjolseth. The schedule is an eclectic mixture of new stuff, narrative, documentary, experimental, foreign, domestic, plus some extraordinarily good, old-time drama – projected on the big screen, in 35mm. This year among other classics they’re screening Joseph Losey’s masterpiece, MR KLEIN, and Films Noir including NIGHTMARE ALLEY and OUT OF THE PAST. If you would like to see/download the schedule, it is here.

But wait! For this is just a preamble to the news that Pablo and I are doing a podcast, which can be found on the IFS website.

I am sure that there are many more interesting and informative podcasts than this, nonetheless here is ours, recorded and edited by a master of martial arts and dubbing, Jason Phelps. Among other things we discuss Harry Dean Stanton’s grave, embarrassing experiences at film festivals, Moviedrome, nuclear war themes in popular music, and Henry Fonda’s love child.

HDS_and_Visitor Harry Dean Stanton’s grave, Lexington, Kentucky



The Bill The Galactic Hero Kickstarter campaign went live yesterday. So far just over $15,000 has been pledged by 170 backers. This seems very good. Among those offering their support for the Bill feature are Harry’s two children, an actor I have known since we made Repo Man, my favourite film composer, an independent bookseller, Japanese and British journalists, and the programmer of the International Film Series at CU. Plus many people I don’t know! Which is very important as $85,000 remains to be raised. Still, these are auspicious beginnings. We shall see how things progress.

Bill the Galactic Hero - a Japanese Edition

Bill the Galactic Hero – a Japanese Edition from Mr. Negishi’s collection

Oh! Please visit the Bill The Galactic Hero Kickstarter Campaign here!


The IFS screened this splendid new French picture the day the distributor went bust — it’s a crazed and thought-provoking tale designed for the international market (signage and talking cars in French, English and German, a supermodel, and a guest appearance by Kylie Minogue) but even great reviews and a weird sense of humour couldn’t keep its American distributor afloat. Getting pictures into cinemas is a tough business. Making them is almost easy, by comparison.

Once again I borrowed one of Engineering’s white Apollo-model spacesuits, this time to shoot my Kickstarter video; my Aerospace guide confides that they need orange spacesuits now — the kind one sports aboard the Space Shuttle. Searching online I find orange spacesuits, helmets and gloves but no boots. Turns out they wear lumberjack boots on these missions, as we do in the Colestin Rural Fire Dept.

ImageMeanwhile, my colleague Victor Jendras graciously agrees to be BILL’s production designer and to guide us through its tunnels.

As yet, no sign of the BBC radio play or reading of the novel, broadcast and released on cassette back in 1984. The BBC version of BILL was abridged and produced by Paul Meyhew-Archer, and directed by Sylvia Carter. Music was by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (1958-1998), who also created the audio for the original DR WHO.

There’s also a serious and comprehensive piece about Harry Harrison and his work, here.

BBC RADIO PLAY UPDATE — The alert Richard Salt has discovered a site where the radio play is celebrated and, if you really poke around the page, can be downloaded. It’s mega-discreetly located under the ‘dl‘ hyperlink at the foot of the page.