The series of posts I made regarding film history and related matters is now a book: Alex Cox’s Introduction to Film, published by Kamera Books in England. You can read about it here.

There are three links there to buy the book – all of them in the UK – but I imagine copies will be available in other countries too, in due course…

Even if you’ve read all my posts – which were based on a class I taught at the University of Colorado – there is new information in the book, and errors and typos have (I hope) been corrected. I also added a short section about fair use/fair dealing in European law, and the bizarre Deckmyn decision, in which a Flanders court decided that the right of parody only applies to nice people!

Please buy my book! And if you’re a film teacher, please consider assigning it to your Intro class (it’s a lot shorter than most of the books on the subject, which in my experience the students don’t buy or read anyway). If you’re using it for educational purposes and run into difficulties finding any of the films I mention, you can contact me at the address in the introduction and I’ll do my best to help you track them down.