We threw the official TOMBSTONE RASHOMON launch party in Boulder, CO, on Monday. “Back our film and we’ll buy you a beer and a slice” was the theme of the event. And many of those who came had indeed backed our Indigogo project to raise money for the film — or assured us they were about to!

Those present were obliged to watch the video which accompanies the Indiegogo page, as the accompanying photo, by Pablo Kjolseth, indicates. TR_Promo_Party_2Truth is complex, as all present agreed!

So far the project has had splendid shout-outs from Neil Gaiman, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, and Lloyd Kaufman, among other discerning lovers of drama. Wyndham Hannaway has offered to loan us “his best camera” when it’s time to shoot (and if you know Wyndham his best camera is a wonderful thing).

I’ve posted a new video about the TOMBSTONE RASHOMON location, and the possibilities of shooting the walk to the gunfight in plano secuencia: one single moving master.