From the pages of Popular Photographer magazine comes an inspiration for BILL THE GALACTIC HERO — the trash-based art of Mandy Barker, whose work can be seen here and numerous other places… I showed the picture below to Victor Jendras, who has been designing the medals which Bill and his colleagues will wear and which will be awarded to our Kickstarter backers.

Image It seemed to me that Ms. Barker’s fantastically detailed design and beautiful sense of proportion could provide BILL with an entirely appropriate star-scape. Victor observed that this is what Bill and his fellow Troopers would see out of their portholes. Does the star-bound battle-cruiser Christine Keeler have portholes? Of course she does!

Anyway I emailed Ms. Barker to ask if she would consider being our star field designer. Victor and I can think of no more appropriate aesthetic!

ImageActive Duty Engagement Award